Product Description

QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2017 Accounting Software: Save Time Managing Your Business Finances

The Premier software features industry-specific tools you can use to create invoices, sales orders, and reports, as well as manage expenses and tax records. QuickBooks Premier includes sample files for your business type. Using this accounting software allow you to organize your business finances in one place, instead of using multiple applications for your accounting needs.

QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2017 Tools are Tailored to Your Industry Allowing You To:

QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2017 supports a maximum of 14,500 items.

  • Run industry specific reports
  • Track backorders
  • Create sales orders
  • Set product/service prices
  • Set billing rates

New to QuickBooks?

Even if you’re new to QuickBooks and not familiar with accounting, QuickBooks Premier is very easy to set up and use. If you want to learn to work with the software like a pro, automate the processes, and save your time on routine everyday tasks contact Fast Trac Consulting. We are always here to help.

The software comes in a General Business edition, but you can also choose a version more suited to your industry: Contractor, Manufacturing & Wholesale, Nonprofit, Professional Services, and Retail.

General Business

  • All the features of Pro plus advanced reporting and tools tailored to your business and industry.
  • View customized sales and profitability reports
  • Run ‘Cost to Complete Job’ reports
  • Track your balance sheet by class with an easy to access report


  • Create ‘Job Costs by Vendor’ report
  • Run ‘Cost to Complete Job’ report
  • Analyze job profitability
  • Multiple Units of Measure

Manufacturing & Wholesale

  • Track inventory reorder point by vendor
  • Create Bill of Materials
  • Track profitability by product
  • Multiple Units of Measure


  • Track Balance Sheet by class
  • Create end-of-year donation statements
  • Create Form 990 (Statement of Functional Expenses)
  • Show financial accountability to your Board of Directors

Professional Services

  • Track Balance Sheet by class
  • Track time & expenses by employee, project, client, etc.
  • Transfer unbilled time & expenses to customized invoices
  • Set different billing rates by employee, client, & service

With Desktop Premier 2017 You Will be Able to:

  • Easily manage your vendors and expenses
  • Create and customize invoices, statements and estimates
  • Track expenses and prepare tax reports
  • Download online banking transactions into QuickBooks
  • Create and track orders
  • Manage inventory
  • Create informative easy-to-use reports
  • Use Income Tracker to manage income and receivables
  • Use Company Snapshot and get a real-time snapshot of your business activities
  • Easily view customer purchase history and payment status

What’s New for QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2017?

  • Impressive new email features. You can now easily add multiple attachments and customize email templates
  • View and categorize your banking transactions from multiple banks and accounts
  • Track who pays you and who doesn’t with the new Income Tracker, showing you all your transactions that produce income, in one location, and all overdue invoices in another, so you can remind your customers to make payments
  • Plus many more features that make managing finances much easier